this space.

I turned 24 this passed March, and I was so ready for it. I was ready to put yet another year between me and high school, me and college, me and so much bondage…I wanted to keep moving forward as free, grown up, but kinda kid-like Ellie.

I was ready for a nice even number, one where you can multiply the first digit by itself and get the second…you know? How often does that happen??? 11, 24, 39…so just this once, since the other two ages are odd.

And amidst the things this year seemed to be bringing with it, was the creation of a new website. I started a blog during my Junior year of college, and it was a place to share the things I was learning, and to process “out loud”, but also to encourage and even teach others. I’m not always a good conveyer—I take the long way everywhere, because the scenery is nicer…explanations, scripture, driving, writing…I want to see the whole picture, and I want others to see it too, even if they could care less — so I over explain, over show, over read and quote and drive…

So this new space is for “grown up” Ellie — though she is often really more like an 11 year old — to write the things God places in her heart. Some posts from the old blog are here now too — things I want to always remember.

My prayer is that my voice would not be what you hear or read, but that The Lord would speak to you–that He would tell you how much He loves you–how He sees you–tell you who He created you to be–that He would speak Truth and Life over you–and that you would hear and receive it–believe it and walk in it–that He would draw you near to Him–that you would know His faithfulness, and goodness, and His might and awesomeness. None of this is about us. It’s about Him, and it’s about glorifying Him, pointing to Him, preparing the way for Him. The only thing we will ever be satisfied by is Him–and the only success that matters is following Him without division.



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